A treat for my sweet tooth in Pune


That’s “Mastani”

Last Christmas vacations were a treat for us – both mentally and physically. While 2014 was wrapping up on the calendar, we got away to Pune to explore the Sahyadri Hills and the Konkan belt. Our base was in Pune and it gave us a great opportunity to explore the food in that part of India.

Every region has got some typical food tastes and as expected, Maharashtrian food that we had was spicy and flavorful. Be it the chicken, the dabeli, the pani puri, the Maharashtrian thali or any chinese preparation, I was never disappointed. What took me by surprise were the sweet shops in Pune. I had some of the best desserts in Pune and most of the times, I hadn’t even heard about them.

The Café Chocolade on FC road serves the famous Chocolate Sandwich which is so delicious and a different kind of dessert that my friends on Instagram wanted me to accept it as the best dessert in Pune without even tasting it. Yes, it is on my bucket list when I go to Pune again. Not just that, another unique sweet in Pune is the Mastani. It has fruits and lots of nuts and is a sort of milk –ice cream shake. While you can pick on the type of fruit – going by the fresh seasonal ones is the best thing to do. I would like to believe that this one is good for health cos it contains milk, fruits and nuts.

Our exploration of sweets in Pune did not stop with Mastani or the usual sweets. Waffles are also a recent craze in Pune with almost every Mall having small corners dedicated to a variety of waffles that are freshly baked and topped with fruits, nuts and ice cream. Reasonably prized and instantly prepared, you don’t need to order desserts at the same restaurant where you are dining. There are many other options.

If you are a visitor to Pune like we were, the city would not disappoint you when you plan to pack your bags. The multitude of bakery shops serving the freshest pastries, cookies and biscuits are always inviting enough to pack a few for people back home. The Shrewsbury biscuits at Kayani Bakery or the pastries at the German Bakery are too hard to resist and I’m not saying that. If you happen to visit the city, try your luck. It’s hard to grab them cos people from all over the city – the locals and the expats flock these famous shops.

Well, the sweets in Pune and my sweet tooth were in total sync and if I ever go to back to Pune again, it will be for some of the best desserts in Pune.

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  1. aseemrastogi2 says:

    I have tried Cafe Chocolade, Choco Sandwich but I wonder how come I missed Mastani during my stay in Pune :(.

  2. Alex Hurst says:

    OMG! I want that!! Is it topped with soft jellies? That looks so amazing….💖 Drooling over here. 😉

    Alex Hurst, A Fantasy Author in Kyoto
    Out of Print, Fiction authors and their shorts

    A-Z Blogging in April Participant

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