Assume positive intent

“Assume positive intent”, I was told.

At work or otherwise, this is one behavior that can keep you calm when things seem to slip away. When chaos takes over and rational thinking seems like a blur, I do as I was once told. I go back to the basics and assume a positive intent. I assume that the person I am finding hard to deal with also wants the best. Just that the way we may be looking at the same thing is different. It is also possible that the other person knows something that I don’t and vice versa.

However, assuming this will not be easy. You need to fight with many things including your past experience with the person, your subject-matter knowledge, and the thought process. Sometimes you may also need to stretch your mind and hold your tongue but once you can do that, you will see a tough situation will turn into a good conversation.

It takes seconds to react to a situation but hours to think and do the right thing. If you go with the right attitude, you will see that you will win people and be successful at what you do.

Have you tried assuming a positive intent? Do you think this will work for you?

The clouds and the sky

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  1. Its the story at your Home. I live in a Joint family and if we all do not take things with positive intent, it will a chaos. Though sometimes, differences occur.

  2. Let me know if this works for you, Parul. I would say that I used to follow it, but not anymore. There are some people we just can’t assume this about, unless we want to be badly hurt. For example, there’s a particular person who when you meet or interact with online, you would think is the epitome of grace and goodness. She’ll gush over you and make you feel that you’re the most important person in public, all the time bitching about you and not having much good to say about anyone in private. For too long, I attempted to assume positive intent with her. One major show of her behaviour, had me running for the hills. But I made the mistake of reconciling with her, only to begin to see this pattern of deceit resurface again and again. For the last year, I’ve disengaged and find so much peace.
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