Bangalore Vs. Delhi

With yet another IPL season on, it is natural to misinterpret this post as a comparison between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Daredevils.

This post is a personal view of both the cities and all instances mentioned here are true to the best of my experience and knowledge.

Alphabetically, Bangalore comes before Delhi and in the dictionary of etiquette, Bangaloreans leave behind the Delhiites far behind. The simply clad, South Indians use dustbins, do not pass on comments to people passing by(at least I have not heard any yet in my stay of 7 years which almost twice as my time spent in Delhi/NCR), follow traffic signals, wear seat belts and helmets, purchase bus tickets and do not keep fooling people by giving them the wrong road directions.
Here in Bangalore, I have seen women conductors, confidently shoving their way on the bus.It feels good to see that. You see women controlling the traffic and it shows that at least one more job opportunity has been created for the fairer sex. No rickshaw wala follows you here till home after 6 in the evening and even at 10 in the night, u feel safe in Bangalore. Bus drivers don’t make you hop in the wrong bus..and I can go on and on..
Enough of Bangalore ki kahani!!
When in Delhi, you can have the best food at the best price. Shopping is a sport in the capital city. The clean and the broad roads, the smooth flyovers add to the glamour…But as very rightly said in a movie, Purani Dilli mein Nai Sadak aur Nai Dilli mein Purana Kila,  Daryaganj mein Darya ka aur Pahadganj mein Pahad ka namonishaan nai hai..
Delhi gave me education and Bangalore an opportunity to use all that I had learnt. All in all, it was because of Delhi/NCR that I could come to Bangalore. And I love Bangalore much much more than Delhi.

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  1. jahidakhtar says:

    Yes, Delhi is best for food, particularly snacks 🙂 Very interesting post !!

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