Darling December..

If I was to given the task of rearranging the twelve months in our Gregorian calendar, I would have it start from December. Though I am in absolute love with November (since it’s my birthday month), I feel December is the best time of the year and it brings in joy and happiness in the all possible forms – Christmas, food and fun! So, by this logic, the happiest month goes on top! 😀

When I look back, my fondest memories of December are the ones where as a big family we used to sit in front of a fireplace eating groundnuts and staying warm indoors. Then the flashes that I get are of opening the cupboards to grab quick bites of various kinds of cakes – rum, coconut, fruit and what not! A couple of our family friends knowing that there were kids in the house passed on a lot of Christmas delicacies. Not to forget, it’s the month of winter vacation – with foggy misty days and no trace of Sun for sometimes even a fortnight, I remember how blankets were never folded and kept aside. I smile when I think about those sunny winter weekends when we used to keep moving from one end of our colony to the other as the Sun changed positions. Oh yes, and all the washing clothes and related chores were completed only when the Sun was not hiding behind fog and mist. 😛

Even today when I hear about foggy days and zero visibility in Delhi, all that comes to mind is “Ah! It’s that time of the year again”. I know it brings so much inconvenience with delayed transport, traffic snarls, health problems and what not. But then again, isn’t life about accepting things that we can’t change? Should we not enjoy this weather till the time it lasts? Isn’t this the perfect season for so many yum food options – spicy chicken curry, kebabs, green peas, gajar ka halwa, gobhi masala and so many other mouth-watering things!  Haven’t you heard people say that they put on weight in winters? Now you know the reason 🙂

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