Do you ask for help?

Seek help

Be the butterfly and fly where you want to.. like nothing holds you back

I have often heard people say that they don’t have time to do the things they love. It is true that they must have tried but weren’t able to pursue.

Here is what I do to have some time on my hands and do what I love to do.

I seek help. At work or at home, I believe that reaching out to others is a fair deal.

Most people end up doing a lot of things by themselves and then are overwhelmed with the time they spend on chores. At work when we don’t seek help, we reinvent the wheel. We do things that have already been done and then waste time in redoing.

At home, the chores eat up a lot of time and then we repent that the weekend went by too fast or not being able to hit the gym or take a walk in the park.

I think it’s all up to us. Ask yourself these questions –

  • Do I delegate chores?
  • Am I comfortable with someone else handling things for me?
  • Will I let someone else run an errand and use my time to do something I enjoy?
  • Am I prioritizing what I want from my day or an hour that I have for myself?

If you answer ‘No’ to any of the questions above, you should seek help. Friends, family or someone who you can trust. Letting go some little things from your big basket of mundane chores will make a lot of difference to not just your me-time but also to your life.

Try it out to know what I mean.

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  1. I am very good at delegating work Parul! However there are certain things that no one else can do as good as me, and though people ask me to get it delegated I hold them close to my heart and end up spending long hours over them. I totally agree with you – delegation is the key to efficiency
    Menaka Bharathi recently posted…Your Deed Small or Big Makes A Difference -#HappySunday 8My Profile

  2. Trablogger says:

    Thank you for thinking out loud for me through this post. The flowers and butterfly look lovely.
    Also I am thinking of delegating the work to someone else soon 😉

  3. Nancy K. says:

    I learned how to ask for help a few years back. Like many people, I have fallen victim to believing that asking for help is a sign of weakness but as you deftly point out: not the case. Generally now I will ask for help from those who seem to have nothing to do and those who shirk — both of these types complain of boredom. That is how you spot them a mile away. It shows them that there is work to be done and that a division of labor is the way to guarantee that everyone has more free time.

  4. I agree with you, Parul. The lack of cooperation be it at work or somewhere else can be so counterproductive. It is very important to find time to be with loved ones, friends and just take care of the self. I am making a regular habit of doing yoga for 15 to 20 minutes with 5 minutes of meditation. We owe it to the self.

  5. Bikram says:

    I totally agree.. nothing wrong in asking for help. We all need it at some stage.. and not just in house hold chores.. it can be in work too.. instead of struggling for long on a issue best ask for help and get it done faster and then you learn something new toooo….

  6. Modern Gypsy says:

    Totally agree with this! It’s so important to seek help so we can have the time to do what we love!
    Modern Gypsy recently posted…A field guide to self loveMy Profile

  7. Charlotte says:

    Yes, I have gotten a little better at this. Sometimes it makes all the difference in the world if my husband stops to get groceries on his way home vs me packing up the littles to donit.

  8. Mel says:

    Totally agree. Which is why I asked my husband to do the grocery shopping on the way home vs. using up my afternoon. 10 minutes for him is about 45 minutes for me.

  9. I do rely on my husband for so many things. It is important that the person whose help you seek understands you and your priorities. Mindful little post! 🙂

  10. Vinitha says:

    This makes all the sense, Parul. I can only ask for help to people I’m comfortable with. Maybe that’s why I dread the idea of having a maid and here we can’t have one anyway. Also, I can’t accept when someone new I met insists on helping. Had such an experience when my baby was born and I felt terrible. With my friends I’m comfortable with, I let them help me, generously. 😉

  11. Robbie Cheadle says:

    Some real food for thought here.

  12. Esha says:

    Spot on, Parul. I think asking for help is an essential pre-requisite to planning our work especially since we cannot be doing everything all the time and still find time to do all that we really enjoy doing. You’ve touched upon a very pertinent issue here. I’m learning to delegate and it isn’t easy for me at all since I’m most comfortable doing them myself.

  13. Traci York says:

    Ahh, my biggest bugaboo – the dreaded, “Could you help me with…”! I’m trying to get better with asking, and you’re absolutely correct – it makes a big difference. I try to remind myself as well that I enjoy helping others, and it makes me feel good, so why should I deny that feeling to other people (the kids still don’t buy that when asked to do the dishes though…LOL). Thanks for the reminder, Parul!
    Traci York recently posted…Revisiting Monday Love – an anecdote, a graphic, and a quoteMy Profile

  14. I’m happy to say that I too have learned to ask for help and glad that I have the most helpful husband!
    Corinne Rodrigues recently posted…Let Go Of Heartache #MondayMusingsMy Profile

  15. Jess says:

    Love the butterfly photo, a burst of spring on a chilly day. I am TERRIBLE at asking for help. I am really good at trying to everything, telling people I don’t need help, and then feeling resentful about it. I don’t think that’s what you mean though… 🙂 I have to learn to give up control. I really, really want to get a cleaning lady, because if I could let go of cleaning the house (which I could do a little deeper, honestly) it would free up more time. Definitely going to do that if we are successful in our family building effort. Great reminder, thought-provoking post!

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