Do you enjoy getting caught?

Caught red handed

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“It’s so hard to lose a single gram. I run and I watch my diet. I do not cheat.” She told her nutritionist. He smiled and said, “What about those butter and nutmeg cookies you baked yesterday and posted the picture on Instagram? Did you give them away to friends?” She was caught red-handed. Too hard to say no to cookies.  

She said, “Mumma, chocolate?”. Her mother gave her one piece. Two year olds should not have so much sweet and she hid the bar behind her and said, “It’s over, baby.” The little one finished the piece and went all around, grabbed the bar and said, “Mumma chocolate?”. She was caught red-handed. Too hard to control these little ones and say no. 

She had just broken up with him. Two days and no conversations. Texts or calls. Smileys or questions. She was checking the phone every single minute to see if he will call. The next day, there was a reply to her text. She was caught red-handed. Too hard to hold back emotions. 

On his morning walk, he went to a nearby park. As he walked, the Sun started rising behind the buildings. At one point on the track,  he just stood with folded hands, looked at the Sun and prayed. The Sun is energy and exactly what he needed at this age. As I crossed the same track, I smiled for I saw faith. He was caught red-handed. Too hard to ignore beliefs. 

Early in the morning, when the family was fast asleep, he sneaked into the balcony. There was enough natural light to see and with a mirror in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other, he began trimming those strands of grey hair. Just then, his daughter stepped out and laughed at what she saw. “Not again, daddy. Grey hair is a sign of intelligence. Grow up!” He was caught red-handed. Too hard to accept that age was catching up. 

He was diagnosed with high blood sugar. All he needed was a good diet, regular monitoring, and physical activity to keep the body active. When his wife was away to the store, he grabbed a handful of raisins but left the jar opened. He was caught red-handed. Too hard to hold back cravings.

She was on a work call. How boring it was with no new updates and hard to follow conversation. She decide to plug in the hands free and started walking. Gathering some steps on her fitness tracker and using her time well. She forgot to put the phone on mute. They called out her name and asked her to put the phone on mute. She was caught red-handed. Too hard to avoid embarrassment. 

We have all been caught in such acts. Or may be we have caught a couple. Sometimes we knew it would happen and sometimes, unknowingly. Enjoy when you get caught cos it’s fun to be able to laugh at self. There are giggles and memories in these stories and these are those parts of life we will remember. 

I am with Team #CrimsonRush and today is Day 4 of the #BarAThon.


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  1. The kiddo with the chocolate example was too cool. I mean, you can’t hide chocolate from a kid and expect them not to use their tiny little hands and feet to search for them, with an efficiency that would impress Sherlock Holmes 😀
    I liked the examples! 😀

  2. I couldn’t think of a better way to use this prompt. Loved your take. 🙂

  3. Suzy says:

    Wow so many caught red handed instances. Like the idea of keeping a sense of humour when caught.
    Suzy recently posted…Caught Red Handed #BarAThonMy Profile

  4. Esha says:

    So true Parul. All of us have been there so one knows the feeling 🙂 I loved all the instances you spoke about in your post. Have to say that mostly I do the catching but once in a while, do get caught as well. Everyone takes it in the right spirit thankfully! 😀

  5. Oh yes! Let’s hope we are not having to many occasions of getting caught on healthy habits. 😃

  6. haha Parul! Haven’t we all been through these and many more to be caught handed? At a loss of words, of course. Love ur take:)

  7. Lovey says:

    Such a lovely post ! Sometimes the little laughs and giggles become the memories for a lifetime.

  8. Really cool post. I have definitely done been caught in a one or two of these things and you’re right: Laughing at ourselves is key to moving past the embarrassment!

  9. Oh, those phones! We are always at risk of being caught out, aren’t we? Hopefully w without too much damage!

  10. Aditi says:

    Such amazing tiny tales. And you are right, we all have been caught red handed at some point or the other in our lives 😉
    Aditi recently posted…Feeling UnsureMy Profile

  11. Geets says:

    So many instances and all of them make so much sense! Good job Parul!


  12. There is so much of love in getting caught red-handed. Loved all of them Parul >:)

  13. Indy says:

    That are so many positive notes of getting caught red handed here Parul! I should have read your post before writing mine – so many ideas here 🙂 I too have written about food.
    Indy recently posted…Caught Red-handed #BarAThon Challenge @blogarhythm1My Profile

  14. Mayuri says:

    Thank you for sharing your observations with us, Parul. They made me smile and reminisce about all the times I caught and was caught red handed:) Refreshing take on the prompt, in true Parul style!:)

  15. Shilpa Garg says:

    I liked the idea of enjoying when caught doing something not expected out of us! But more often than not, we resort to explanations, justifications, feeling flustered and embarrassed. That’s a thoughtful and thought-provoking take on the prompt, Parul!

  16. Kala Ravi says:

    So true Parul! We’ve all been there and in fact somehow these red-handed moments are more boldly etched in our memories! Loved the various instances you presented!

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