Explore Hong Kong on Foot – A Guest Post

They say, travel makes you richer by experiences and I couldn’t agree more.

With my recent visit to Hong Kong, I have many stories to share. There are experiences etched in memory and I don’t want them to fade away with time.

When you visit a new place not as a tourist but as someone who has more time to spend than a tourist would, you get to see things that take you closer to the heart of the city. This is what happened to me in Hong Kong. I had an opportunity to visit Hong Kong twice over a period of four months and each time, I stayed around 3 weeks. While over weekends, we roamed around checking off famous attractions of our list, on other days we sat in trams and local buses to reach farther corners.

We walked from one locality to other and saw how even a city transforms within. The branded glittery showrooms transforming into small mom and pop stores and the multi-storey apartments into small studio rooms. From ornamental trees to the wild ones that grow on a wall and keep it strong. From private offices to government buildings. From office goers to the non-English speaking locals. Everything changed.

I was in Hong Kong when Gitanjali asked me to write a guest post for her blog – Travel by Karma. And it was her suggestion that I talk about something different than just a listicle on Hong Kong.

Well, that set me off to write about exploring this city on foot. When in Hong Kong, just walk was my idea of something different to do when visiting Asia’s world city.

Gitanjali, thank you for having me write for your blog!

Readers, head over to Gitanjali’s blog and read about ‘Exploring Hong Kong on foot’. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing!

Spotting a dance - While we explored Hong Kong on Foot

A street dance on a cold Sunday morning!


13 Responses

  1. Eli says:

    Oh, Hong Kong was a great place to visit, I liked it too…. Always great to have tips from locals to find the unique places… What a fun picture:-)
    Eli recently posted…Caged bird no moreMy Profile

  2. Aditi says:

    I am following and loving all your HK posts! My uncle had recently been transferred to HK and they can’t stop gushing about the place…hope to visit someday.
    Aditi recently posted…Exploring Amsterdam on Foot #TravelDiaries #blogchatterMy Profile

  3. Alana says:

    I love virtual travel, because I don’t know if I will ever see many of the places I can visit via blog in person. But, after reading some historical fiction, I suspect Hong Kong is on my husband’s bucket list. I grew up in New York City, and yes, it is amazing how neighborhoods blend and change. You see that kind of thing in New York City if you go into the actual neighborhoods and not just the tourist areas.

  4. Meera says:

    Honk Kong is a nice place to visit. 🙂
    Meera recently posted…Memories Beyond SunsetMy Profile

  5. Rajiv Bakshi says:

    After reading so much about Hong Kong in your Blogs , I am also planning to go to Hong Kong .

  6. Esha says:

    Lovely post, Parul! It has been a wonderful experience to get to see Hong Kong through your eyes.

  7. Sid says:

    Nice one, Parul.
    Hong Kong has been on the cards for a while, and we’re hoping this year.
    Sid recently posted…If only….My Profile

  8. Vidya Sury says:

    Lovely account and photos! Always wanted to visit Hong Kong. Have been following your posts during your travel 🙂
    Vidya Sury recently posted…Happy Pongal o PongalMy Profile

  9. Vinay Leo R. says:

    I read, and loved the post, Parul. The comment box there isn’t loading at the moment. (Happens with some plugins at times, especially Jetpack Comments). So dropping a word here instead.

    The parts I loved the most were the garden-ish walk between buildings and the trail. 🙂 Hope to one day see them in person. Thanks for the virtual trip to the World City of Asia.
    Vinay Leo R. recently posted…Breaking doubts…My Profile

  10. Vinay Leo R. says:

    Travel definitely makes you richer by experience. 🙂 Beautiful thoughts.

    * Heads off to explore Hong Kong on virtual feet *
    Vinay Leo R. recently posted…In Bad Books?My Profile

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