#FridayReflections – 99 Things I love

Few things I love -

Things I love – lights, food, desserts, pens, notebooks, greens, sarees, random clicks and pictures

Making lists is something that I have not attempted before on this blog apart from the places I want to visit page. So when I first saw the #FridayReflections prompt, I knew this was something I really want to take up but I also knew that it will be hard. As I started drafting the 99 things, I realized that this is such a fabulous thing to do.

Making a 99 things I love list is a lot more fun that I had imagined. I had to stop myself from going beyond 99 cos trust me, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Here’s is my list of 99 things that I love and this is in no particular order. It is just randomly put and the joy of putting such a list in place will show up.

  1. Early mornings when I sit in my living room – no pressure to get going
  2. The weather in Bangalore
  3. Gardens and open spaces
  4. A plant loaded balcony
  5. When flowers in my balcony bloom
  6. A clean road
  7. Trees along the road
  8. Diwali lights
  9. Festival food
  10. Chants from some temple/mosque that sounds far away yet serene and peaceful
  11. Lush green villages when a train passes by
  12. Rainbows
  13. Feeding pigeons or birds
  14. Snuggling with the guy I call VT
  15. Holding hands and walking – you know with whom
  16. Spotting things when I walk
  17. Watching clouds float and forming shapes
  18. Watching the Moon
  19. Watching the Sun rise and set – whenever I get a chance
  20. Planning a vacation
  21. Cycling to Yoga in the morning
  22. A yoga class that makes me stretch and push my limits
  23. Conversations
  24. Maintaining my Bullet journal and ticking off items from there
  25. Buying colored pens & notebooks
  26. Dressing up – sometimes!
  27. My iPhone – so what if it’s an old one?
  28. Exploring exhibitions from various states and their handicrafts
  29. Window shopping
  30. Buying gifts for family
  31. Being at home and just putting my feet up on the table
  32. Sharing little joys with friends and family
  33. Reading jokes aloud and laughing along
  34. Online shopping – sometimes just checking out but not buying
  35. Watching it rain
  36. Birds – the way they soar high without fear
  37. Confidence in the eyes and humbleness in words
  38. Squirrels – the way they climb and run.
  39. My cup of ginger tea every morning and evening
  40. Gujhiyas – Mum made
  41. White sauce creamy-cheesy pasta with chicken chunks in it
  42. Desserts – I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have a full set
  43. Sarees – wearing and buying
  44. Writing at the peace of my living room
  45. Reading a book at my own pace
  46. Sleeping when everything is calm and cool and the blanket keeps me warm
  47. A picture that turns out well when I click
  48. Collecting memories every day and revisiting them
  49. My newest possession – FitBit Charge HR
  50. Smiling faces – strangers or children, a smile is a curve that sets things straight
  51. To connect dots and to understand what led to what
  52. Find meaning in everything that exists
  53. Looking at old letters, notes and pictures
  54. The smell when it rains
  55. Warm and genuine hugs
  56. Listening to childhood stories from my parents
  57. Decorated cars that drive newly weds
  58. Magnificent churches
  59. Sparkle in the eyes
  60. Making fun of my own self
  61. A good hair wash
  62. The sight of mountains
  63. Arty handmade stuff like – paper, decoratives etc.
  64. Taking a day off when everyone else works
  65. Text message – that says, salary credited
  66. Being appreciated, compliments and kind words
  67. Keeping things back at their place and then admiring how neat an organized house looks
  68. Stocking up the refrigerator for the days ahead
  69. Smell of well cooked food from the kitchen
  70. Fridge Magnets
  71. Return gifts
  72. Target merchandise – they are branded and cute
  73. Positivism and the feeling that there is always hope
  74. Witty TV commercials
  75. Appreciating creativity
  76. Identifying fragrances from the kitchen
  77. Comfortable shoes that look stylish
  78. Buy one get one free offers – sometimes, I get cool deals
  79. A buffet meal – lots of food and dessert choices
  80. Narrating a tales from my past experiences
  81. Recapping the month and year gone by
  82. Reflecting on life in general
  83. Winning a contest
  84. Inspiring stories from others who fought all odds
  85. Comments on my blog posts
  86. To save money and then to spend it on something random
  87. Finding a daily hack and putting it to use
  88. Talking my heart out without the fear of being judged
  89. A bike ride when the weather is lovely
  90. Reading something that makes me appreciate life in general
  91. Trying to think of putting method to madness
  92. Making others laugh or smile – it makes me feel that the day was well spent
  93. Crossing a bridge – I feel like the gap just got filled
  94. Seeing people smile when I converse in my not-at-all-fluent Kannada
  95. My blog
  96. My little one bedroom house
  97. Staying close to office
  98. Tears of joy
  99. A good night’s sleep

Would your list match mine? 

51 Responses

  1. Mayuri says:

    Such a positive post and a great reminder of Gratitude!
    Reading this was like getting to know you a little more, Parul 🙂
    I think I’m going to churao this idea for a blog post 🙂

  2. It is a lovely list though I cannot imagine thinking of 99 things 🙂 Will try, slowly I should be able to do it.
    Fridge magnets, rain, and the blog – we have many similar choices.
    Inderpreet Uppal recently posted…#FightingForTara by Sunanda J. ChatterjeeMy Profile

  3. Lata Sunil says:

    So, these are a few of your favourite things.. many do match my list.. its quite cute.

  4. Wow that was really some list.
    99 is a big number. I am sure putting together this list and reading it all once completed would have been a more than happy feeling 🙂 I don’t know if I can come up with 10 even.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently posted…The Good vs Bad questionMy Profile

  5. Rajlakshmi says:

    Wow that certainly proves you are one happy person 😀 I love creamy white sauce pasta too. I haven’t received a return gift in a long time 😛 These days blog comments make me the happiest 😀 Enjoyed reading your list… I don’t know if I will even find 99 items… probably most would be books and workout names 😛
    Rajlakshmi recently posted…[Photo Blog] A trip to Wayanad, IndiaMy Profile

  6. Esha says:

    Lovely….Can imagine how much you enjoyed putting up that list, Parul 🙂 Actually, since you asked, quite a few things match with things I love too. I am so tempted seeing your list, and thinking of making one myself!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I like sitting at home with no pressure to go anywhere either. And my blog. 🙂 This is a long list. Thanks for posting.

  8. Ranjini says:

    Haha B1G1 free offers 😀 Me too 😛
    I love the idea of 99 things I love. Maybe, I could do something like this next year 😀

  9. Aseem says:

    That’s a lovely list. I am sure many of the things I love match your list :).

  10. nabanita says:

    Such a wonderful list…Did you find it easy to list all? I had to think hard after a point 🙂

    • Actually I was very scared to begin but after 20, I found it super easy and then it was hard to stop. Stuff like my love for golgappas, fish-rice, jaggery did not even make it to the list 🙂

  11. Wow! Thats the only word that comes to my mind! Thats such a cute list, full of life..Great going Parul!

  12. What I’m loving most about reading everyone’s lists is seeing the similarities and differences of people’s lists from around the world.

  13. Wow! Some of them are small joys – like ginger tea, cars of newly weds, text on credited salary! A refreshing list – thanks for sharing ☺

  14. inquisitivegeet says:

    Oops.. your list looks so full of positivity.. Even I wanna try my hands on it..! will find out if the linky tool is open or not.. It seriously is a fun exercise.. wonderful..!!!


  15. Deepankar says:

    Great article…great idea that infuses one to trace out one’s like d lil moments or lil things that give us so much happiness & joy..

  16. Shilpa Garg says:

    This is such a great prompt. Enjoyed reading your list. I had a good time writing mine too. I liked your “Finding a daily hack and putting it to use”… so inspiring and wonderful!

  17. mackenzieglanville says:

    It really is amazing how much easier it is than you think isn’t it. I thought before I started it would be so hard, but we have so much to be thankful for and so many great things and people in our lives that it is easy. We are truly blessed. Thanks for linking up #Fridayreflections

  18. We share similar interests 🙂 Loved the list. Buffets, ginger tea and what not !

  19. Beautiful list!! Gujhiyas – Mum made!!! Missing mum now!

  20. Astrid says:

    This is such a great list! I once made a list of 50 things that make me happy, but I think I could easily reach 99 things that I love too. I don’t share many of yours as they’re based on the sense of sight and I’m blind.

  21. Definitely some similarities in the list…as you said, it’s probably easy to go further than 99. I enjoyed writing and reading this! 🙂

  22. tschiller says:

    Wow! I loved reading this. Now I’m sad I didn’t make one and am going to make one for myself, even if it’s just in my personal journal. What a great exercise.

  23. NJ says:

    Now this was too much a match up with mine …but you just brought it so close to it by adding white sauce cheesy pasta just a little difference instead of chicken chunks I have mushroom in it 😛 vegetarian you know 😉

  24. rajivbakshi says:

    Most of the things you wrote matches mine too . But what I fail to understand is why you did not completed the century ? There are many things which you could have added more 🙂

  1. December 31, 2015

    […]  Another two months of happiness and I also wrote a ’99 things I love’ list for the first time. We had a chance to travel to VT’s place for a quick 2 days visit and […]

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