Gratitude List – February 2017

February 2017

The month that was..

If there is one word that can describe February for me, I would say it’s ‘work’. I started a new role this month and though I am still learning the ropes, this month gave me a good flavor of the many things it could encompass. With a change, we must unlearn and learn and then devise new ways that will make things easy. New routines and new ways to manage the same old stuff. I had never thought the shortest month of the year is going to be ‘power’ packed.

That being said, I had my fair share of fun, food and time with friends. I am grateful to have a set of supportive folks around. The universe listened and challenging things became easy to handle. In no particular order, here is my gratitude list for the month.

Work: When taking up a new work, it’s always good to have a helpful team. My new team has been a great support and I am enjoying our interactions – both work ones and the fun ones. It’s fun to see things from a different perspective and this role is giving me a lot of opportunities to stretch the way I think. I am grateful that at the start of 2017, I am already excited to see how my ‘work’ year will unfold.

Reading: In spite of the work schedules, I have been able to read to my heart’s desire. With my kindle and then the Goodreads challenge, I have already read seven books in 2017. I am grateful to the person who suggested Jhumpa Lahiri’s name. Her writing and details are a delight. Books that I can read over and over again. If I ever get a chance to visit the Princeton University, I am going to find Jhumpa and share how much I have come to admire her as an author.

Cooking: No, I haven’t fallen in love with cooking but I have started cooking once a week. If you are a meat-lover and haven’t tried Licious yet, please do. Who cannot like marinated chicken that can be pan-fried and laid on the table in ten minutes? I am grateful to the cooking Gods who have blessed me this month with some of their magic. Food that I cook is turning out to be edible. I am also grateful to friends like SN who have introduced me to new ways of healthy eating. Fox-tail millets was a part of breakfast yesterday and is going to be on the menu once a week.

Happy days: The #100HappyDays are back. AZ got a lovely notebook for me from the US and her thoughtful ‘thank you’ note was enough to get me started on the project. Since then, I have been counting my days and clicking happiness. Join me on Instagram. I am grateful for some wonderful folks around me.

Blogging: I assumed that I won’t be able to keep up with blogging. However, you will always find time to do what you like to do. My weekends are now much more productive than before and I schedule my posts for the week. It works and helps me go easy on my work nights. I am also keen to bring a lot of photography onto my blog with the hope that readers will enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoy clicking. I am grateful that I am able to pursue my interests along with work and managing my little household.

The send off from my earlier team was memorable. We spent a couple of hours at Tia’s (more to come on that) but for now, check out my picture with Tia. I never knew I could have a heartwarming time with a pet. Never had one, so was caught unaware of the unconditional love.

The temperatures in Bangalore are soaring and I am already scared of summers. Though not much can be done on that front, what’s exciting is that C will be home for Holi. So some good time for parents and him. I will also celebrate Holi with my usual chutzpah – some frying and dinners at home. All in all, kind of unbelievable that we are already stepping into the third month of the year.

How was February for you? Any new learnings this month? What is that one thing you are grateful for this month? 

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  1. NEHA JAIN says:

    Loved reading your gratitude post, Parul. Yes, we are in the 3rd month of the year already. 😀
    Wishing you great month ahead!

  2. chattywren says:

    Nice to hear you had a good month in February, Parul. Best wishes for your new role and wishing you find lot of things to be happy for in March.

  3. G Angela says:

    Glad to hear about your work; and nice to see the beautiful pictures you have posted. Wishing you the very best for your new work. You inspire me to read, great to hear you have read 7 books. All the very best for the coming month..

  4. Geets says:

    Chutzpah!! Now that is one word, I loved hearing from you… don’t know why though:P
    The gratitude list is always a good read and I’m sure going to read Jhumpa Lahiri’s work. Can you suggest which one to start with, though?
    And I’m already in love with Tia… please write more on her soon !


  5. Loved reading your gratitude post, Parul. You always radiate positivity and smile around you. Stay blessed,dear !!!

  6. I’m not much of a cook, so if you’re cooking once a week I think that’s terrific!! I haven’t had a working oven for 8 years, so that doesn’t help much! It sounds like you are super organized! Good luck with your new work role.

  7. Nancy Kz. says:

    I loved reading your update, Parul. February started strong for me but that didn’t last. I had to travel for work and then the next week I was all weird with jet lag and a serious lack of motivation. Hope to get it under control soon!
    Nancy Kz. recently posted…Don’t Forget: The Just Write Already Monthly Writing Goals Linkup Starts Monday!My Profile

  8. Vidya Sury says:

    That’s a wonderful Feb list, Parul! Thank you for linking up! Hugs!
    I do hope you get to visit Princeton! Everything is possible you know? I am loving the 100 days project, too, but find that I am not regular with it on Insta, so I am writing my own journal–that lets me doodle in it as well and I love the activity. Licious is such a nice word! It must be good if you and Rachna recommend it! Glad to hear work looks exciting! Wishing you more and more happy times! I don’t know many people who manage so many things as you do…sending you happiness vibes all the way! ♥
    Vidya Sury recently posted…My Overflowing Gratitude JournalMy Profile

  9. arv! says:

    Great going, Parul. Good to know about some good developments for you on the work front. I was not aware that you reside in Bangalore!! While earlier I would jump at every opportunity to visit Bangalore, that’s not the case now! But despite that there’s something nice about Bangalore. Wishing you lots of luck and success as you take up new role!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful month Parul. Congrats on the work gig…it seems to be going well! As for pets, they are the best family anyone can ask for. Their love is truly unconditional.
    Sanchie @ Living my Imperfect Life recently posted…February 2017: Full of loveMy Profile

  11. Obsessivemom says:

    Ha ha I love how you consider making an edible meal an achievement. That’s me all over. That you’re settling down with a new team at work is no surprise. I always see happy pictures of you with your colleagues. You seem to get along well with everyone. Will look out for you on Instagram.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…Ten things that just have to be done during examsMy Profile

  12. Esha Dutta says:

    You sound so happy Parul and am glad that the month turned out to be a fulfilling one for you so far. Best wishes for the new role – can see you are already eager to see the work year roll by with plenty of exciting moments to share with us all. Good luck with the cooking…you know I feel cooking isn’t all that difficult, its what we make it out to be…all there in the mind! Btw, Jhumpa Lahiri is one of my favourite authors…she feels the pulse of her characters so accurately…almost akin to mind reading I think. Have a great March…may there be more wonderful days to enjoy and write about later. 🙂

  13. Rachna says:

    Sounds like you had a happening and satisfying February, Parul. Best wishes on your new role. I am sure you will rock it. And great going with reading. Yes, I’ve tried Licious. It’s a godsend when you are planning an impromptu barbeque. Good stuff from them. Wish you a nice March.
    Rachna recently posted…Such is Life #GratitudeMy Profile

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