Gratitude List – October 2016

October 2016 - The month gone by

October 2016 – The month gone by

Have you heard that October travels faster than light?

When you are traveling, the sense of time and day is lost. This year I visited parents from both sides and we had a good time off from work and the rat race of our lives. 

As I am penning this from VT’s city, I am grateful for love in life. Parents and close family are your shield from all worries. They ensure that your heart and stomach is full at all times. I am grateful for a lot of things this month and here they are in no particular order.

Impromptu get-aways: VT and I sometimes enjoy random plans and timeouts. Early this month on a Sunday we decided to check out the Dasara Festival and Celebrations at the Bangalore International Airport. Being a Sunday, there was hardly any traffic and we had a good time watching little children perform. MTR dosa, kesari bath and hot filter coffee added to our mood another weekend. I am grateful that after busy days, we get a chance to break the routines and have some good time. 

More books and an e-reader: A Kindle had been on my list for a long time. I was saving for the e-reader and I wanted to gift myself one before leaving for home. Amazon timed the Great Indian Festival well and I was able to save some money on the device. With a Kindle now, I was able to make the most of my waiting time at airports by reading. Some free classics, a new cover, and wonderful books have kept me smiling and happy. I am grateful to those who sent me some Amazon vouchers so that I did not have to shell a lot out of my pocket. 

The poori, chana and halwa day: Ashtami during the Navratras are marked with good food and the start of festive times. We were able to visit Pandals this year and I also found litti-chicken in one of the stalls. Custom says that on the 8th day, nine girls should be fed poori, chana and halwa. I wanted to do that but only our godchild could come home. With a lot of love, she had ‘white pooris’ and made our day better. I am grateful for friends who are family and my little Durga ji.

Work: An Annual Award this month was like a dream come true. I have always believed that if you deserve it, you will get it. Such recognition at work can motivate any employee to keep on delivering her best. With the award, also came the opportunity to receive it from the C-suite of the company. For memory sake, the above picture is my favorite. I am grateful that I have found work that I enjoy.  

Food: This one deserves a post. In Azamgarh, I shunned all vegetables and dals. Fried fish, fish curry, minced meat and meat on all days I was home, made me happy. Even the breakfast was rich with halwa, poori and delicacies of the north like phara. When in Kurukshetra, kadi chawal, stuffed parathas, sarso ka saag and makke ki roti was the highlight. I love how different regions have different food preferences and that I am grateful to get the taste of two.  Nothing beats the food at home and this month, I must have gained a few extra kilos that I do not regret. 

Family time: Long conversations and good family time is what we all long for. Conversations open up more windows that we can imagine. I am grateful that I can be myself when I talk to parents on both sides. I am sometimes cynical and dismissive of things but in all good spirit. It’s wonderful to see them accept this change in me. 

Diwali: As most of you already know, I love the festival of lights. Last year, we were not home and that’s not a good feeling. So this year with family and loved ones around, Diwali was how it should have been. I am grateful that we were both able to take time off at this time of the year.   

Love: I am grateful for love in life. VT is a great friend and understands me. With experiences and age, I see myself changing on a lot of fronts. He understands the intent and yet stays calm on my moments of aggression. He helps me see many other viewpoints to the same scenario that is enriching in a lot of ways. Professional or personal, his company is fun and gratitude is all I can think of.  

Life has its downs as well and this month was no different. I braved many things and stayed calm. There were times, I broke down but it’s all part of the game. Even the not so good days bring some learnings that we must remember as we move on with life. My visit to school this month was memorable and so was the visit to the paternal home in Gorakhpur. As we gear up to head back to Bangalore tomorrow, our bags are full with memories, laddos and love.

How was October for you? What is that one thing you are grateful for that would like to share with me?

Linking this post to Vidya’s Gratitude Circle Blog hop for October 2016.


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  1. Welcome to the Kindle Club! Do check out the awesome features like X-Ray, and syncing the Kindle to your phone via the Kindle app. That way, you can keep reading on your phone, right from the last para where you stopped reading on the Kindle 🙂

  2. This is heartwarming, how have I not seen these posts before!

    Also, tell me more about the Kindle cover 😛

  3. Suman Kher says:

    Wow! I can see a lot gratitude lists in your related posts. I think this is a great habit which all of us should have – being thankful for what we have. And we should do this from time to time. In our everyday life, we are busy pursuing things that we want or aspire to without looking at the blessings we already have. And when I think about feeling gratitude, I think my first thought goes to the fact that I am healthy and can move around without pain. I am blessed with a healthy body and mind capable of making a difference to others.

  4. Mabel Kwong says:

    Congrats on the award at work, Parul. It looks like such a grand presentation ceremony with your name up there, very big, on the big stage 😀 You deserve it for working so hard. Many more awards to come, I believe in you 😉 Also, Happy Diwali and great to hear you are able to spend it at home this year with the ones you love <3

    This month I am thankful for a lot of things. One of them is my blog and the blog world, in particular being able to engage and converse with such down-to-earth bloggers like you.

  5. Glad to read that October has served you with tasty food, wonderful memories and unplanned travel and breaks. Congrats for the award. I adore your little God Daugher. Hugs to you and to little angel. Wish you a Happy November !!!
    Vasantha Vivek recently posted…Nurturing Thursday : Believe In YourselfMy Profile

  6. Congratulations on the award! I just had to expand that picture to take a closer look – what a moment for you!
    So glad you enjoyed family and food. I’m sure you’re all charged up to face the rest of the year.
    Corinne Rodrigues recently posted…Seeking The LightMy Profile

  7. Sunila says:

    Ur post filled up my heart in a lovely way Parul. Be blessed. Hugs

  8. I agree that parents keep our heart and stomach filled up. A month where one gets to become a child again surely has to feel special and worth being grateful for. Congratulations for the recognition received at work. Food does not fascinate me unless it is cooked by my mother. That is when I eat to my heart’s content otherwise I just feed my stomach.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently posted…Diwali 2016 #MondayMusingsMy Profile

  9. Nabanita says:

    So happy that you had a wonderful October. Mine included some time at home, delicious food and Durga Puja. Diwali was beautiful too. Learnt to deal with disappointments more maturely and now looking forward to a great November 😊

  10. Kala Ravi says:

    A lovely eventful, yet relaxing month it has been for you! You are bang on when you say, ‘Parents and close family -They ensure that your heart and stomach is full at all times’!! These are the little moments that pack a punch with lingering sweet memories. A very happy festive season to you and yours, stay blessed Parul!

  11. Modern Gypsy says:

    Sounds like you had a beautiful month Parul. I also enjoy travels (although the husband and I have been unable to take a break in a while), and exploring different cuisines. Family time is always heart-warming, and the Fesival of Lights is my favorite too.
    Modern Gypsy recently posted…#TheMindfulBreak: It’s a wrap!My Profile

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