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When I was in my 16th year of life, I was a totally different person. Today, looking back at the last 16 years, I know I have changed a lot and of course for good!

A lot of my posts in this blog are personal and talk about me but something that’s really close to my heart and I have never been able to talk about is how quiet, shy and introvert I was earlier. I was the one who always got things done on time, obeyed the teacher, sat on the first bench and listened to every lecture attentively however boring it was. I know sometimes I was bullied for not getting out of the class for games, always completing homework on time and even studying ahead of the usual schedule. I loved my study routines, how I was so particular about what pencil to use, what way to mark doubts and what way to revise stuff. Today, I know it all paid off! I finished my school with good grades and did well. What I am not sure is how many friends I made and if I was loved by my schoolmates for being who I was.

Things changed, I moved to college, met new people – a different city and an entirely independent way of life gave me a different outlook towards life. I was still the same studious girl but with a little more gab and a little more friendly persona than before. Likeability is contagious and yields into confidence and that confidence feeds confidence. It happened with me. From being the quiet one, I became the not so quiet one. I realized that this new “me” was loved more and I felt free in this form. Obviously, I stuck with this one.

I am still the same introvert who takes time to share feelings and get close but I now know I am loved and I will be remembered long after I am gone. A lot of people who have known me can feel the change for good and those who don’t will certainly be surprised. Something that I find important for all of us is to be open to change and to be receptive towards all that life throws at us. Not every day is sunny. Learn to adapt and you will feel good about growing up like I did!

This post was written as a part of the prompt on The Daily Post – Only Sixteen

When I was 16 Vs. 16 years later!

When I was 16 Vs. 16 years later!

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  1. devangana says:

    Liked the post and these lines, A lot of people who have known me can feel the change for good and those who don’t will certainly be surprised. Being receptive to whatever life brings – the best way to live contented.

  2. Ananya Tales says:

    Thanks for the share and you know that I enjoyed reading it and seeing your lovely pics !

  3. emily0830 says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing! I was also that ostracized girl, and when I was younger I thought it was my fault; maybe for not trying hard enough to be friendly or to adjust to what other kids expected I should be. As I grew up I realized there was nothing wrong with me and that it’s better to be yourself than a second rate version of someone else. As difficult as it was at the time, I’m proud of the fact that I’ve always been true to myself, regardless of social pressure. It is definitely a rocky road but it’s worthwhile in the end. 🙂

  4. brokenquiet says:

    I love how you mentioned that you were particular about what pencil you used. I loved the feeling of a pencil or pen in my hand when I was 16, but it had to be a certain kind. It had to flow across the paper the way the words flowed out of my mind. There was just always something special about it.

  5. aishasoasis says:

    Learn to adapt is probably the best advice I’ve ever heard for growing up! Love it!

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