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The struggle for power, those moments of joys, the bond of friendship and the hatred in a bout happens not just above water but also under the water. Merjella is a fantasy fiction novel which brings to light the life under water and how the protagonist Jella plots to win back her rightful kingdom at sea, Zypher. She has her trusted friends to help and support her and her task is to free her people who were taken prisoners many years ago.

While a lot of planning and tussle is happening under the water, the world above is also not untouched. A scientist is using his knowledge for wrong reasons and this is also impacting the world under water. Jella has to bring both the worlds to peace and Marina helps her understand the intricacies of the outer world.

Positives: While so many other authors are writing about the usual topics, I was glad to see the author attempt a fantasy fiction. It is not easy to build a world under water, let the reader imagine the colors, the colonies and the creatures. Yuvaraja has done a great job building the plot and crafting a story that took me to my childhood days when fantasy fiction used to be my favorite genre.

I liked the way the Preface is written. The author honestly shares that the book has been years’ long effort. He invites readers to write short stories based on the characters and is willing to publish them in future. It closes on the note “Let’s think beyond what is thinkable” and true to this the book lives up to what was promised.

What intrigued me the most was that while you will read the book, the lives of creatures underwater have been shown same as the humans on land – the talks of artificial fins, organ donation, alternative source of energy, state honors for the dead who served the kingdom and many similar words/phrases was not something I had thought would be covered when I started reading the book.

The author has used quotes as dialogues which are inspiring and are well placed. “It takes pride to create, not to destroy” , “No victory is achieved without proper groundwork” were a few of such quotes used in the book.

The book is well written and not as scientifically inclined as you may think.

What could have been better: The end of the book seemed to me a bit hurried and I would have loved it to be at the same pace as the first half of the book. Other than that, I was pleased with the organization of thoughts and the proofreading.

Tactical Details: The cover page is creatively done and I would not be surprised if I were to be told that it was a hand-made drawing. The flying yellow fish with a purple tail is indeed a reflection of the author’s imagination. The font size is easy on the eyes and the pages of the book are of great quality.

Overall Verdict: If you are looking for a change, and a fantasy fiction is what you haven’t read in a long time, this book is a good read. It is a quick read and if you have time in hand, this would keep you engaged.

Book Details:  

Name:  Merjella

Authors: Yuvaraja Dhayanithi

Genre: Fantasy/Fiction

Publisher: Partridge

Publication Year: 2014

Number of pages: 180

Price: 350 INR

My rating: 3.5/5

Thank you Yuvaraja for sending across a signed copy of the book! 🙂

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