My Ideal Yatra

‘Yatra’ is a Hindi word meaning a journey or a trip. 

While some plan on the go, there are also those who are meticulous planners who prefer to lay down the itinerary and chalk out the plan to a T before each travel.

Which category do I fall?

Neither of the two. I prefer discovering things as we travel but I also want to ensure that I am not caught unaware of the locale, the food, places of historical significance or the major tourist attractions. While I do not have the fear of missing out attractions, awareness is important to me. I want to know what lies ahead. 

What is a perfect vacation? 

One that can give a person the right break from the hum drum of life. One that lets a person achieve the goal of taking sometime off and stepping out to venture something new. On one hand, travel is an escape but it is also an embrace with the experiences you never had or you would like to have.

Whenever, VT and I have stepped out on a vacation, it has been for the experiences and the journey. What lies ahead and what newness travel brings in life. Our idea of relaxation is different – it’s when the mind sees what we don’t see in Bangalore, we feel relaxed. We are both nature lovers and even when we have visited an infrastructurally strong city, we have found ways to do things that get us close to mother nature. 

Let’s head out to the Himalayas

For the last three years or so, we have been talking about a trip to the magical land of the Himalayas. I believe that when plans take more time than you expect, something much better awaits than you can imagine. If we were staying up North, a week’s trip would not have been that hard. We could have done many things in that region over long and short trips. However, now when we plan we know we might not be able to travel so frequently and that’s why on one trip, we want to include everything. From Manali to Kashmir – we need much more time and that is hard with the work schedules. 

For the Himalayas – we can fly to Delhi, take a train or bus to Manali and may be work out on a road journey in the mystical land. They say driving up from the side of Manali and then coming back from the Srinagar would be the best. 

Research tells me a lot of things about journeys in that the high altitude. The most important being getting acclimatized to the low atmospheric pressure and how important it is to keep our health in shape. As we go higher, the civilization, means, and the basic luxuries of city life do not come easy. 

Such kind of travel needs preparation – both mentally and physically. If I get a chance to travel to the Himalayas, I want to camp under the stars, I want to watch the Sun rise and then come back to watch the Sun set behind the mountains. I want to see the snow-capped mountains and how that whiteness compares to the clouds that float in the blue sky. I want to see the green fields and the pine trees. Those that sing a tale when the wind blows at night. 

I want to test myself as I trek up the hills and touch the cold water of the streams that flow free. I want to open a window in the morning to see how the sky changes colors to welcome the Sun in its arms. How even when the Sun shines bright, its warmth is subdued. 

While I want to visit as many monasteries in the Himalayas, I do not want to miss out on the lakes and meeting the people who live there. I want to experience their little joys and I want to hear out their sorrows. I want to eat with them and I want to walk with them. 

Two weeks of moving between locations like Leh, Pangong, Jispa, Kargil, Nubra Valley while passing through Khardungla and much more than this is what I want when I fly off from Bangalore.

Now you know why I need more time and the plan keeps getting pushed. Right?

How would your ideal yatra look like?

Wikipedia Commons - Pass between Hemis Shakpachen and Ang in Ladakh|June 2004 |Picture by Carsten Nebel

Wikipedia Commons – Pass between Hemis Shakpachen and Ang in Ladakh|June 2004 |Picture by Carsten Nebel


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  1. Prajakta says:

    Yatra makes your holiday sounds more meaningful somehow – it becomes a quest for a holy grail for something! I have been in the middle of planning my own – and well, I like to plan! I may leave the day-wise movements to my whims, but between locations calls for an excel sheet 😀

  2. Dashy says:

    Yes, we really must understand the locale before the visit. Planning can be done in great detail and yet we may end up doing something entirely different!
    To me, an ideal yatra would be the one with that perfect someone for a companion, adventurous and itching to explore. Any trip would be wrapped in wonders and sweet memories in their company. 🙂
    Dashy recently posted…You Left Without A WordMy Profile

  3. Ramya says:

    I would plan my yatra carefully. Food and good accommodation is a must for me. So i book hotel or bedandbreakfast before itself. But I am ready to roam around and visit new places without proper plan.

  4. Alana says:

    My ideal trip would not take too much planning. Seems that, as the years pass. I become more particular about my accommodations and about slowing down to enjoy the details of where I am visiting. I tend to overplan, because when I was younger I would just show up in places. Sometimes, there was an event going on and no rooms to be had. So now, I overplan.
    Alana recently posted…Local Saturday – Should Disabled People Vote?My Profile

  5. Bellybytes says:

    My ideal Yatra would be a no brainer – one where I didn’t use my brain. I’d line someone to do all the planning so that I don’t have any expectations or disappointments- just a pleasant unravelling of a surprise package .

  6. Obsessivemom says:

    My ideal yatra would be a relaxed trip with my bestie. I would have a flexible itinerary where we can laze somedays, explore on others, stop by the wayside if we want, click lots of pictures and try the local cuisine. I’d like to be close to nature too quite like you and watch the sunrise or more likely, the sunset.

  7. Alok singhal says:

    My ideal Yatra would be a long vacation in the valleys of Europe – just pure bliss! It’s my long pending wish to see a few places there, which I can’t wait to experience.

    I am huge nature lover too, but you would know that already ☺️

  8. Kala Ravi says:

    I am horrid at holiday planning and my husband is worse! We unanimously outsource the planning and bookings either to travel agents or plonk the job on unwary family/friends who’ve been bragging so much about their last self-planned vacation *hehehe….evil grin on* I agree that you need a sufficient amount of planning and time for the itinerary you are planning, if all falls in place, the weather is usually wrong, tough huh?! Hope you get to do your ‘yatra’ soon 🙂

  9. Anshu says:

    Nicely said – but again, one thing that has always worked for me is ‘don’t over plan’ – some ‘yatras’ happen when you just decide and go for it than years of planning. Take two weeks off in August and just do it! Also I realised that sometimes doing things in many small bursts is as pleasurable as a Big Bang holiday – it keeps you looking forward to the next!
    You’ve got me thinking about my next 🙂

  10. Shilpa Gupte says:

    My ideal yatra would be well planned but with an element of surprise thrown in so that I feel all vacation-y!
    I liked your Hiamalay plans, including the things you would love to do there…may your dreams come true!
    Bon Voyage! ✈

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