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Okay! I have never written a travel blog but there is always a first time and if there is, why not today?

Actually Vikas and I had been long discussing about our first road trip and where should we go. Vikas, as usual, wanted to go aggressive and drive up to Kanyakumari or Pondicherry and I wanted to go modest – someplace close-by (After all it is important to assess capabilities before venturing out – WOW! I talk and live HR). So this Friday morning over a cup of tea, we thought of driving on Saturday and coming back the same day – KISS (Keep it Short and Simple). Hogenakkal Falls were on our list and we thought, why not? So, I was given the task of checking with friends if they were ready to join and all the three said YES!! No trip is fun without friends and we were happy to get the nods.

So, on Saturday morning at around 7:20am, we had hit the road with our 400L of boot space stuffed with snacks and food – oh yeah! Lots of stuff – juices, stuffed parathas, sandwiches, variety of biscuits, and what not. Within no time, we were cruising on the NH 7/AH 43 with not one but two different maps to reach the place.

The decision to drive on this road seemed to be a good one. The entire stretch was very scenic and serene. With a range of hills and well done roads, we were on the go! Our first stop was the A2B somewhere after Hosur where we had tea and some home-made sandwiches. This was also a bio break to keep us going for the rest of the drive.


The scenic drive

We reached around 12 and meanwhile we couldn’t help stopping on the road to grab some wonderful shots. There were lot of monkeys on the way and may sound exciting for many, but I was more than scared!

We called our selves - Lal, Peela, Neela

We called our selves – Lal, Peela, Neela

Entry to the Hogenakkal Falls was through a gate and seemed as if it was a gated tourist spot. However, it later turned out that this was just a way to make some money on the entrance. All around there were mini springs where people were playing with water and somewhere shamelessly bathing. Now, we got to know that this place is known for its hot oil massages and then bathing in the water as it is considered to have medicinal properties. So, the unspoken decision was to not get into the water. The entire region was hilly and it was a good work out for all of us – we were sweating due to a bit of humidity and the sun!

The rocky terrain

The rocky terrain

Fried fish was the call of the day and I had read the reviews of some delicious fresh water fish prepared by locals. Every 50 m or so, there were vendors selling spicy and most probably tasty fish but we wanted to play safe and binged on the snacks that we were carrying.

The entire area has got mini springs and falls like Cini and it is really difficult to call out which one was the best but the force with which water came gushing was the highlight of the day. Closer to falls and it felt so calm as if it’s drizzling. It was as if the Sun’s effect was no longer the overpowering us.

Not so falling - Falls!

Not so falling – Falls!

After clicking loads of pictures and spending quality time, it was time to head back home. We took a different route on the way back which was also in good condition yet through various bypasses. Stopped to have lunch on the way and a happy ride home 🙂

All in all an eventful day and lots of memories to treasure!

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  1. Have been wanting to go here since a long time; thanks for sharing:)

  2. Vinita says:

    You do have the knack of writing in an informal and lively way which keeps the reader interested .Good job for a first blog . …keep it up ,you have the talent 🙂

  3. vineeta says:

    congrates for first road trip . u have expressed ur experience v beautifully –in chronological order —u were always the best essay writer in ur school days . keep it up .

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