On my Birthday!

I liked the little hearts and that cute smile!

I liked the little hearts and that cute smile!

I always get super excited when my birthday gets closer. I am a November baby and something in me just wakes up as soon as it’s October. There are festivals, good food, family time and so much happiness all around that I feel that everyone is being led to November and specially to my birthday on 24th.

Though I know birthdays remind that time is flying by and every year we get a year older but this is never a distraction for me. I remember as a kid things were different. Parents would do all efforts to celebrate, ask me to invite friends and my Mum would ask me to cut the cake at exactly 6:02pm. That’s the time I was born. Gifts, new dress, cake and a dinner used to be usual. But as I grew up, I haven’t let go of any of these mandatory things. I understand sometimes people forget to wish due to various things going on but I don’t mind reminding them. After all, it’s my time to gather good wishes from family and friends. If I don’t get a gift, I buy for myself and why not?

The best part about birthdays is that it’s your special day. You may share it with others but so what? So you dress up and when people complement saying looking good, what’s special? A reply that’s never expected is “It’s my Birthday today!!” and I do that very often! You can make a puppy face and ask parents, spouse for gifts and shop your heart out! Something that I tried last year cos my birthday was on a Sunday was asking for discounts. Most of the stores have a loyalty program and if you have registered, you would have mentioned “the” date. Bingo!! Just ask for it. I got a lot of good discounts last year!

If you are at work, and the phone keeps ringing. Don’t feel that you are disturbing someone. After all, it is your birthday. People will call up and wish you!! This could be an excuse for missing work too. Say it’s your birthday and you just did not get time. Tomorrow is around the corner. Even your manager can’t give a feedback. Once a year. Right? UA, are you listening? 😛 Another advantage is grabbing as many bites as you want of your own birthday cake. Who says NO to this special cake? Just chuck that diet thought off your mind and eat your heart out. Make a wish every time you eat a piece of cake and think that your wish of losing weight will come true! 😀

So, all in all, a lot of happy choices to celebrate a day that yours. But importantly, if life gives you hard times on your birthday, stay positive and hopeful. Know that every dark cloud has a silver lining and if God gives you the problem, He will also give you the strength to handle it. So, celebrate your birthday cos you never know if you will be around on the next one or not? 🙂

This post was intended to be posted on 24th but unfortunately, my internet failed me. But, better be late than never! 

I am participating in National Blog Posting Month – NaBloPoMo, and this and this is Post #21. A pledge to write daily during November to hone my skills, challenge myself, and taking this blog to the next level. Wish me luck and share ideas that you would want to read! 

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  2. Happy Birthday Parul 🙂 (Perks of birthday.. u get late wishes too 😛 ) I liked the hearts and smile too but well, the cake won the battle.. where’s my hissa 😛