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This piece of news that I recently came across left me smiling. This is the first time that a top B-School in India had 55% women graduates and that did feel awesome. A class where women were not a handful but exactly equal. This means a balanced learning, gender neutral ideas and well-rounded perspectives. These many women entering the job market at one point in time also means more women in the workforce which is great for companies as well. At the same time I wonder,

Does a proper education make one a good human being?

Does being well qualified guarantee life long success?

The answer to both these questions is a plain simple NO. Education will open up your mind and will help you see things from another angle. Your qualification is not a measure of your success but it can make you self-reliant. A degree does not bring happiness but it does bring an opportunity to live a life on your terms. There were times when daughters were not given an opportunity to go to school while their brothers packed school bags each morning. But now, times are changing. This is summer vacation time for children and near my apartment, I see kids play all day. In a gang of around 15 boys, there are two girls who I know go to school but also run around with these boys and that makes me smile. At this age, if their parents are not forcing them to stay indoors and letting them have a good time running around, I see how parents are changing for good.

Educating girls is like educating society but we cannot leave all to school and books. I have a friend who once shared that she tells her ten-year old son to become whatever he wants in life but be a good human being. That’s why I feel, a qualification is nothing unless it is teamed up with other important values like respect for others. Values, sense of equality and a belief that girls can do everything in life that the boys can do, will instill confidence. Sure, we will not have answers to a lot of questions but at least we will open up their minds to think differently. Let’s not cloud their thought process with what the older generation went through, yet give an opportunity to create their own ideas.

Let’s give young girls an environment which not many women of today were exposed to when they were growing up. Let’s ask the girls to help set the table and also to run to the nearby store and grab a loaf. Let’s ask boys to help cover the car and also accompany Mum while she goes saree shopping. Let’s give children the right to learn as much as they want not only through books but with others lessons of life. Qualification should accompany their quality of thoughts and we all want them to be the best.

I am blogging from A to Z during April (#417 on the list) and the theme I have chosen is set on women. Some of the posts will be here for you to know and some will be to reflect and accept. Share your thoughts and let me know how things are going. There is always a room for improvement. 

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  1. Makes me swell with pride to any news that has women 🙂 Thanks for sharing and well said. Education is only the foundation. A good life is only defined by good ideals, values and thoughts. A degree at the end of the day is never proof of that. 🙂

  2. Vineeta Srivastava says:

    very good post . Being a teacher i can understand it ..

  3. Sue Archer says:

    “Be a good human being.” The most important thing of all. Well said!

  4. Debbie D. says:

    It’s great that more and more women are opting for higher education! As you say though, one must balance life experiences with education to be well-rounded and successful.

  5. That is great news for sure! 🙂 Hopefully as you say, that education along with good values are instilled in children so that no matter what qualifications they may possess educationally, they will be well-rounded, well-mannered, kind, and respectful human beings! 🙂 <3

  6. vinodinii says:

    That’s a wonderful news you shared. I’m with you on the thought of making our kids don’t various caps that are not gender defined. A girl could go grab a loaf of bread and a boy could make a mean sandwich out of it. It is this kind of education or conditioning that raises a healthy individual. You express your thoughts quite strongly, and it really is a pleasure to read them.

  7. the little princess says:

    Qualification can land you a good job perhaps but not necessary that it will make one a good human being! maybe educators to change that qualification thing to holistic education.

  8. Akriti says:

    Love to read your posts .

    Are u on Linkedin ?

  9. Well said.. imbibing small habits in young boys does half of the work.. what they see and do in their houses from the very beginning, is what gets fitted into their systems.. Well written Parul..


  10. Suzy says:

    I agree, education opens up doors but can’t guarantee success. There are many factors involved in that and learning is lifelong. Good post.

  11. Shilpa Garg says:

    That’s such a happy and a positive news. It’s good to see a change in mindsets in our society. Like your friend, KG and I want our son to be a good human being first and we are helping him work towards that. Somebody has said it so rightly, education is important but the aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.

  12. G Angela says:

    Parul I agree with what you say about education( some people understand literacy as education) and in this process they focus so much on getting the degree; the other aspects of life get neglected. The way tutorials are making money with classes as early as 4 a.m. till late night 10 p.m is what is getting defined as education. I feel so sad when I get students who are unable to cope with this kind of education system, where in the focus is so much on getting the percentage… I love what mark twain says ” I have never allowed schooling to interfere with my education” I hope some day our children will learn to respect and value all learning and all types of work as per the capacity of the person. Even today I find parents harassing children to take Maths & Science as they feel anyother subject has lesser value or no value..

    • Thanks you Angela for sharing that. It’s so true. When I was in school – maths and bio used to be the only choices but it’s the same today too. No one has changed. That quote by Mark Twain is beautiful! So nice of you to share that. Thank you!

  13. Eli says:

    Yes, I think education is a part of the total qualification of a human being. I yay for whatever can give an individual the tools to choose freely: both a job and more general: their path in life:-)

  14. bienumv says:

    Real good post on girl’s education. Good you so strongly feel about the subject. I am very proud to say my parents felt that girls should be better educated than boys. Not only preaching but practicing too!

  15. In my class the girls were more than the boys… and that was for the trade which usually boys preferred in the early days. Guess… people are changing and almost every parent wants their child to be well educated and lead a good life. 🙂

    • Yes Sheethal. I agree with what parents want..
      When I took up mathematics, we were 2 girls in a class of 15 and in engineering, there just just 10 in a class of 60..the ratios never improved.

  16. shanayatales says:

    We need more parents to be like your friend.We should never forget while we are raising our kids (the next generation), that they will be the future citizens of the world we leave behind. If being a good human will be their primary goal, we will leave behind a beautiful world.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  17. Qualification should accompany their quality of thoughts – Well said.

  18. swathishenoy says:

    True parul. Education, though important, is not the only thing. The values that are instilled at home also matters a lot in shaping one’s character 🙂

    Quiet Angels

  19. Education is important for it builds character. A degree will get you a living, while education will help you live 🙂 Proud to see news like this, Parul 🙂

  1. April 30, 2015

    […] everyone is lucky and many women are pushed to sex trade or shamed cos they were raped, but education enlightens everyone. Don’t just read but imbibe and add value to your being a woman. Live life […]

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