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I remember faces. When I meet people, their faces stay with me. To an extent that I feel I am solving a puzzle by finding resemblances. It’s a good thing cos I can almost instantly recognize people when I meet them for the second time. However, not all of the memory is for good. If I see a celebrity in real life, I would not know who the person is. All I know is that I have seen the person but for that moment, I fail to recall. This could also be my lack of interest in stardom so to say. 

So, a selfie with a celebrity is not my thing. Never. Early this year, at Bangalore airport, Irfan Pathan was at a hand’s distance and while many were clicking pictures, I was wondering who this guy looks like only to be told later who he was. Yes, I can be like that. I just have a tweet from that day but no picture.

However, this July when I was attending NASSCOM HR summit, the last session of the two-day program was by actor Boman Irani and he was there to share his life journey. It was inspirational. Bollywood celebrities have never made the cut in my life so far but Irani’s story touched me. His struggles, how he kept going despite the tough phases and how it’s never too late to start in life.  He was a storyteller throughout the talk and I loved how he engaged one and all. Even those who had to leave early to catch flights. 

So when the session ended, the team wanted a selfie with Irani and this time I too wanted one. I had a good team of extroverts and they made way for me. Moving through the crowd of HR professionals, we were right next to Irani when my colleague could not spot me. She was ready with her phone camera and yelled, “Where is Parul?”

Quick, called out Irani, “Yes, where is Parul?”. Standing next to Irani, I replied, “Right here!” We burst out laughing. All of us. We clicked that selfie – my first with a celebrity and left the conference jubilant at our achievement. 

His face is now one I will not forget. Ever. 

Selfie with celebrity - I am there - right next to the celebrity I now admire.

Selfie with celebrity – I am there, right next to the celebrity I now admire.


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  1. I can remember names the first time I meet people, but I’ll never be able to match the face if I meet the same person a second time!
    The Boman Irani incident is too good! Just goes to prove that some actors are pretty down-to-earth when they interact with others!

  2. A woman told me once when she worked from home, she kept the tv on in the background to make it feel less alone and that she had coworker’s. She went to a party, met a celebrity and said to him I’m certain we’ve met before. The two spent some time trying to figure out where they’d met, but could never come up with it. It was only much later, after the party, she realized he was on the tv show that was running in the background of her workday.

  3. Funny, I was reading something today that said that 1% of the human population have an exceptional recall for faces. You’re part of that 1%! I love that you can’t remember how you recognize celebrities, though. I think that’s a good thing. So glad this particular one was a great experience for you.

  4. Lucky you! Boman Irani is one of my favorite actors and I’ve heard he’s a genuinely nice person. I loved your post, Parul. I have an eye for spotting celebrities every time we pass through Mumbai airport, but I’m always too shy to walk up to them and say hi.

  5. Every time I have had the opportunity to meet a celebrity, I have instead dropped my eyes and pretended not to recognize them. I dunno. At the last moment, I don’t want the interaction. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is such a lovely account! I’m bad at remembering faces but faces like that of Boman Irani, I cannot forget. I love this natural actor. And, that reminds me. I have a selfie like this with Shankar Mahadevan!
    Uma recently posted…When we met Bahubali!My Profile

  7. Boman is such an amazing actor. Aha! Your celebrity moment and reminds me of meeting Anu Kapoor at the airport. I throw my bag and requested for a picture, exchanging visiting cards.

  8. I’ve read and seen in a couple of videos, the life of Boman Irani and he truly is a legend. One of the finest stars I truly admire. His acting maintains the faith in Bollywood. And seeing a star like him, who would miss the selfie?

    I’m sure you had a wonderful experience.


  9. I too am not fascinated with celebrities and can understand how you can’t recognise them. In fact there is a very fascinating story of a Naval Officer who was approached by Raj Kapoor during the shooting of Sangam (?) None of the officers took any notice least of all the handsome pilot who got off the plane. Raj Kapoor was a bit miffed and went up to him and shook his hand saying ” Hello, I’m RajKapoor”. The officer continued looking blankly at him so Raj Kapoor re-introduced himself. This time the officer got peeved and said ” Ok. I’m XYZ” !

  10. Oh this is wonderful. I’m like you. I don’t think I would go to take the selfie too unless ofcourse the celebrity, like Irani in your case, actually impressed you not by their stardom but something more.

  11. Your Post made me reminiscent . Remember you sent your Pic with my Book & that Pic of yours & review has been sent to so many people that people know more about Parul , then the first time Author Rajiv Bakshi . So you are a celebrity for me & my readers at least .