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When I moved to Bangalore some ten years back, my family and friends were more worried about my food than me. They kept on telling me that I should find a job in Delhi and moving to this part of the country would be challenging for me. Paying Guests accommodations, local food in pocket friendly restaurants and even the locality chat shops would serve the South Indian meal and it would be hard for me to adjust. The big question was, are there any Punjabi restaurants in Bangalore?

As against to what every one had thought, in all these ten years, I never had a day when I thought of going back up North. Food or people, this is the city that has kept me happy and I cannot ever thank my stars enough for making me land in this lovely city. During my initial days in Bangalore, we were a bunch of Software Engineer Trainees from all over India and from then on started our search for good food that would help us not miss home. Those days Bobby da Dhaba near Ulsoor lake used to be our favorite hangout. It served great stuffed parathas, aaloo-gobhi, lassi and what not. Made with love and loaded with ghee, that food was better than what I had ever had even while in Delhi.

As time passed, the choices also changed. The city grew and more and more food joints came up. Where there is an opportunity, there is no dearth of options and that’s what happened over the course of years. Punjabi Cuisine in Bangalore is not just limited to parathas and pindi chole. From makke di roti – sarson da saag to butter chicken, you can get a great variety in the menu and all that comes with a great quality and affordable price range.

Aangan is another place famous restaurant for its great taste and wide variety. As colleagues and friends, a go-dutch dinner always works there. The Punjabi Rasoi in Indiranagar is a small restaurant but it’s not easy to find a table for two over weekend. It serves some really good and never leaves foodies disappointed.

Not just that, lassis can be found even in the Srinidhi and Shanti Sagars showing how well this city has adapted to the taste preferences of the cosmopolitan crowd. Mast Kalandar outlets have named one of their thali combo – Balle Balle, Pindi Chole and it is their fast-moving item on the menu. The sweets shop Anand, never fails to impress me with their tasty bhatures and dal makhani. My new favorite is Takda Singh with their awesome food and a typical Punjabi branding. So, if you are missing home food and Punjabi food is all that you want, Bangalore will never disappoint you. Trust me!

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  1. aseemrastogi2 says:

    Seeing the pic I was reminded that its been so long since I had some good Chole Bhatura :(.

  2. shanx says:

    Okie.. This is so a post that I shouldn’t have read now…. 🙁 🙁 The foodie monster in me has awakened 😉 (Making a mental note to run away from anything that resembles tasty and esp anything that’s close to biryaani 😀 hehe)

  3. Rachna says:

    Oh yes, Punjabi food. Slurp! I make some pretty good Chhole bhature myself. 🙂 And these days, it is quite easy to get authentic North Indian food in Bangalore.

  4. kokilagupta says:

    Such a yummy post Parul … add the Lassi wala glass too it dear 🙂
    yes Mast Kalndar is a boon here though we have an authentic Sardar’s dhaba in our vicinity at Hosur main road 🙂

  5. Alex Hurst says:

    Looks super delicious. I have missed American food in Japan… at least I know Canada is close enough to get the recipes right!

  6. A writer from the East says:

    There goes my weekly diet plan, Parul!! Hope one day you will cross the border in particular, stop over at Karachi Wali Chole or Lahori nashta (breakfast) … Yum! 😛

  7. Beloo Mehra says:

    Oh yes Punjabis take their food with them wherever they go. So perhaps there is hardly any place left in the world where are a handful of punjabis and no joint to serve good punjabi style food! Good that you have found several good ones in Bangalore.

  8. forpeace says:

    Nice list of Restau…

  9. There’s a really small place called Punjabi Tadka in Bellandur, near Ecospace. They have outlets all around the ORR, but I’ve tried only the Bellandur one. You get yummy food there, and really pocket friendly too 😀

  10. Prajakta says:

    It is never with butter for them. It is butter and some food on the side 😉 Which is just perfect!

  11. swathishenoy says:

    I always had a soft corner for Punjab and Punjabi food though I have never been to Punjab! 🙂 Paranthas are best when it is made in Punjabi style 😉

  12. Itsmine says:

    whatever it is,But the picture made me too much hungry now!!ohhhh i missed it!!

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