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The importance of water for survival cannot be over emphasized. Currently, when Brazil’s most popular city is under a drought we know how many difficulties the residents are facing with the worst weather since 1930s. Water is a precious natural resource and even the water we consume needs purification, de-chlorination and necessary treatment to be able to maintain the healthy state of our body.

Our energy levels, the functioning of various systems within our body, the metabolism and growth of cells and tissues are all dependent on how well we keep our body hydrated. A little drop in hydration can result in feeling exhausted and in extreme cases, dehydration can be fatal.

But, I do drink purified water at home. Well, through numerous studies and researches, it has been validated that acidic water or any other form of fluid that we consume and is acidic in nature, tends to work against our health. Whether it is the tap water, bottled water or the water available through RO methods is acidic in nature and the consumption of such water leads to many health problems like premature aging, fatigue, headaches and could be carcinogenic. This purified water when used for cooking lowers the nutrient value of minerals found in vegetables.

What’s the solution? For improved health, it has been revealed that our body needs alkaline water which is responsible for better immune system, removal of toxins from the body, maintaining the nutrients in the body and preventing various other problems like that of digestion and skin. Not just that, research suggests that alkaline water has cancer fighting properties and slows down the aging process. Its immense benefits make it the most suitable form of consumable water.

How can you get alkaline water? Hydrojal Plus is India’s most advanced water ionizer. It converts regular water into ionized alkaline water and helps you maintain better health. It’s compact and can be easy mounted at your house. Once this is connected to the water supply, you get alkaline water at home.

How can you get Hydrojal Plus? It’s smart and convenient. Just log on to the website and request for a free demo. The representatives will call you and schedule a free demo at your convenience. Not just that, you can also get the acidic level of your drinking water tested and understand more about the water that you drink every day.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. A lot of research and many famous doctors back alkaline water for drinking purposes. When it comes to health of family members, we always choose the best. Water is one such thing – we need it round the clock so it better be the best.

This is a sponsored post. The views are my own based on the specifications and literature available on the product. 


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  1. Thanks for sharing information extremely useful

  2. I use alkaline water everyday. It’s really good

  3. aseemrastogi2 says:

    One needs to always ensure that the water he or she drinks is the purest available at least based on his or her understanding. Compromising on quality of water means compromising with your own life as various diseases and conditions can set in if the water is impure.

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