#MicroblogMondays – What should I cook tonight?

What should I cook tonight?

What should I cook tonight?

This one question “what to cook” looms over many households.

While some know what to do and maintain a weekly schedule, some like me take it on the go. Some have suggestions that are thrown around when the question is popped, some are just too lazy to respond. Some don’t want to repeat from yesterday and some can’t eat leftovers.

The pizza is yum, the curry is creamy but not so good to eat out every other day. So many apps and placing an order at just a tap, but who wants to wait for another forty-five? The bread was for breakfast and the rice will be heavy.

What should I cook tonight?

Writing for #MicroblogMondays today and tagging the egg biryani I made recently to Mundane Monday #57.

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  2. Parul, it’s so good to see your face! 🙂 I thought your blog had gone away for some reason. I guess it’s because you switched to self-hosted.

    Right now, ALL I am eating are leftovers and what I ca scavenge around the kitchen. It’s made for some very creative dinners of late. Hopefully not something we will have to do much longer!

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  4. Oh yes….an eternal question in our house too. I have tried doing a plan, but I just don’t stick to it. And during summer months, I don’t want to be heating up the kitchen because it heats up the whole house. What we need is a grill/bbq. Good luck, I have no clue what we’re eating for tomorrow.

  5. A big salad 🙂

    I used to decide each day, but I switched to planning out the week. It means fewer trips to the store. Which saves me time, but I sort of miss planning everything at last minute.

  6. I love to plan my meals on weekends for the whole week 🙂 So… Umm.. Let me tell you what you can cook next Monday – a tomato & onion sabzi with groundnuts. Easy and delicious! You can even make a wrap of it!

  7. Thankfully, my spouse handles that question. One thing he is not good at, though, is leftovers. Another world wide problem?

  8. Haha…. My advice is to tear down the options, keep the alternatives low in number and make life simple. Like eat only 2 types of dal – eg masoor and arhar. Dilemma solved. One day cook masoor, another day cook arhar and repeat the loop. This is the path to achieve culinary nirvana. Don’t laugh, don’t ignore, okay 😀 😛
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  9. This is the most difficult question of all! Oh God, I hate to even think about it..And asking S is no good. He’ll say make anything..Now, if I knew what I wanted to make, I wouldn’t ask him , would I? 😀

  10. Such a lyrical way to ask a question that drives me crazy on a regular basis! I hope you find a yummy solution, and congrats to completing the AtoZ Challenge in April!

  11. I’m a planner and if I don’t feel like I have made an awesome meal each day, I feel I somehow failed. NONSENSE …..I know. But today, I didn’t have a clue so am making soup! Minestrone!

  12. I’m in the on-the-go category as well, though not too happy with how often it leads to “pasta with something”. For a (short) while I made plans for 3 days of the week, and the other 2 weekdays would be for leftovers or spontaneous ideas. Worked quite well but I fell off the track…
    Tonight we’ll have leftovers (Spaetzle) with lentils. If you have eggs and flour (and a device like a coarse sieve), you could make the same 😉