When God Shows Up..

When God Shows Up..

I was travelling for work the other day and I had forgotten to carry a book. So, the next better thing to do was to listen to music but I had also forgotten my earphones. So, I thought of looking up in the sky and try doing what I am fascinated most about these days. Clicking pictures of clouds, Sun, sky and birds. With my little phone camera, this is not an easy job but when I got the above picture, my heart literally smiled. I felt that God is present every where and He eternizes in ways that we cannot even imagine.

Reflecting on life in general and thinking of so many different things, this picture was a way to tell myself to calm down and observe. What if I get to chance to really meet God? What if He comes and I don’t recognize Him? How will I even know that God has come for I’ve never met Him? How does He look? Is He is a he or a she or who is He? I believe in a supreme power and  various religious faiths have a different name for Him so how will I even know who has come? The God from my faith or from somewhere else? Oh Gosh! That’s so much confusing.

But imagine this, when I am so confused, He must be equally confused. Who is this Parul? What does she want? Why does she want to meet me? I don’t know what the “God and living beings” ratio is but it sure is gargantuan. And more than ours, it’s God’s plight to answer our prayers, look into things to keep us happy and of course keep us safe. So, He did a wise thing of tying us to is helper Karma and I cannot gainsay that.

As you sow, so shall you reap..

But, if I meet Him, I will ask:

  • Why do natural disasters happen and kill so many people? Why can’t they happen where there is no habitation?
  • Why are little children born with congenital disorder?
  • Why there are so many orphans in the world?
  • Why were the little girls in Chibok kidnapped and still haven’t returned to their homes?
  • Why in some parts of the world people have absolutely nothing to eat while some others live in gold palaces?

I have so many questions but how much can I ask? I believe that God watches us, so if He does, let Him watch our good deeds. Let Him have his helper Karma work. Yes, there will be no answers sometimes, but let’s leave that to Him for a while. Let’s just surrender and not struggle. For happiness comes to those who accept.

This is the first time I am responding to three prompts together – Skywatch Friday (Sorry guys for the wordy post); IndiSpire Edition #68 (Thanks Anita for that fabulous prompt – you got me writing here after a big big gap) and Write Tribe Festival of Words #4, Day 5 (We had to use new words in the post and my vocabulary is limited – so eternize, gargantuan and gainsay are first time attempts. Thank you team! )


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  1. aseemrastogi2 says:

    I guess God would say that we are reaping for what he had sown. We have sown hatred, distrust, violence and the likes so much so that we are paying the price :(.
    The rich are becoming richer while the poor are becoming poorer by the minute.

  2. srikri says:

    Hahaha.Nice post Parul. Even we have such questions in our mind.
    GOD will surely answers all the questions.

  3. A very nice questionnaire. God will be left speechless for sometime

  4. Who is this Parul? Love the line..Ill ask to reveal itself to prove the existence..very well written and echoes questions many would like to ask. Often happens I forget the book, kindle and ear phone:)

  5. Kaddu says:

    I think God is nothing but the Universal energy around us and within us. It can take the form of a he or a she or anything else required at any given time. My experience says that the more we look for God within us, the quicker our prayers are answered.

  6. I used to have a lot of the same questions, though now I think a lot of the problems/issues in the world are man-made, not God-made! 😉 <3

  7. Nibha says:

    Nice and thoughtful questions you brought up.. But I guess everyone has their share of questions they want to ask if they happen to meet God..

  8. sachacreate says:

    Needed to read this. ..thanks for sharing parul

  9. ansumani says:

    If you get any answers to those questions you have for God…Please post…I want to know the answers too 🙂 Nice post.

  10. Amy says:

    i loved reading this post and very much agree with your thoughts – great shot too btw 🙂

  11. camanishpurohit says:

    So true and another point to be noted here is whenever we see the clouds up above…having a close stare at times reveal some unique faces and expressions, which surely are divine or out of this world. And more importantly it is always so fascinating 🙂
    Great read for sure…

  12. jesh stg says:

    You have many questions, and one thing I know, if you ask and seek, you will find many in God’s book.
    About the orphans, he gave us a free choice, and that there are orphans is because we people are too self-preoccupied to take care of them. He gave us a free choice, and man chooses to war and destroy…

  13. So many questions Parul, don’t know if anybody ever finds an answer to these.

  14. Finding your blog through the challenge Road Trip. Your post reminded me that I have a lot of things that babysit me when I could be looking up and around me, praying, and being present in the moment. Today I am going to put things down, collect myself, and spend some time making from for God. If you are on the road trip and have time, come and visit. I’ll be watching for you.

  15. ajaybpaiAjay says:

    Aah! When u meet him, let me kno. I have few more questions to ask. Right from the reason of making me bald! 🙁

  16. No easy answers, that’s for sure, Parul. Sometimes I tell Him that He has loads of explaining to do!

  17. rajivbakshi says:

    Parul .
    God sees the truth but WAITS .

  18. Rangelz says:

    I have always thought of that part too. Answering each of our questions would be tough. However, I have so many questions for God too. But the problem with me is, each of my questions take me to the next question, deeper and deeper and then I end up being confused.
    The beginning of all these questions would be, ‘What is beyond the universe.’

  19. Enjoyed reading this. Thanks for posting 🙂

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