Will Tehri do?

When stuck with the question of what should we eat tonight, the response is another question, ‘Will Tehri do?’

The very next day we came back from our Diwali trip this year, I was in the kitchen making Tehri. It was a spontaneous decision and in my mind, I was still at home around family. Hot out of the pressure cooker, yellow with turmeric, soy nuggets on top, overcooked potato and that smell of mustard oil makes this one pot rice meal unique.

Very popular in the eastern states of UP and Bihar, it is on the dinner table more than twice a week. As far as I can remember, when there was nothing at home or we wanted something other than the usual food, Mum was seen preparing this. Whether there are vegetables or not, rice, onions, and tomatoes are enough to give this meal the flavor.

When I first spoke of Tehri, as expected VT hadn’t heard of it. Till date, he calls the dish Taahiri. However, it’s never about the name. It’s the food that makes its way into the heart – either through simple preparation or by its taste.

You cannot go wrong with the dish. As long as there is salt, everything is edible. I  remember scraping burnt rice from the bottom of the pressure cooker but with salt, even that tastes well. Have it along with mint chutney , curd or lal mirch achaar – an afternoon nap is much better after a plate of Tehri. 


My plate of tehri

Have you heard of Tehri? Will it do for you? 

For Day 5 of #NaBloPoMo, I am writing about one of my favorite food. 

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  1. Vinodini says:

    I never knew that pulav was called Tehri. I love one pot meals, especially the rice ones like pulav, khichdi and tomato rice. Simple yet flavorful.

  2. Matlab says:

    It is popular in Bihar

  3. My Era says:

    I make Tehri all the time and used to call it Taahiri as a kid 🙂
    This is my favorite for dinner in winters with added goodness of season’s best vegetables. That picture inspired me to make some today itself.
    My Era recently posted…In pursuit of the purpose of my lifeMy Profile

  4. Nabanita says:

    I first had it when I was in hostel in Gorakhpur. We used to get it every Saturday afternoon with papad and achaar. I loved it. Never missed it. A one pot rice meal, there are few things better than that 😊

  5. Amrita Basu says:

    This sounds like good old family favourite. Quick one pot meals like these are great fun

  6. SHILPA GARG says:

    KG calls it Taahiri too and he makes it so yummmmmm… We sometimes make more rice just to make Taahiri the next day!

  7. I had never heard of Tehri, till I read your post, Parul. Sounds like a comfort food. I should try making it sometime.

  8. ila says:

    Oh yes! It’s a favorite at my place – adn especially that crunchy last bit. 🙂 loved to learn that it is that way with others as well! 😀

  9. Never heard of it, Parul. But my tummy craves for it. Such a yummy look it was. Please make a parcel for me this first time and then I will make it for me next times.
    Vasantha Vivek recently posted…Nurturing Thursday : FlawsMy Profile

  10. Tehri is the comfort food for UPites and since I am rooted in UP, tehri used to form a regular part of my family’s meal menus. I loved it with curd. Nowadays, it goes by a somewhat posh name ‘The pulao’. Thankd for reminding me my Tehri days.

  11. Haven’t heard of it at all before today, honestly 🙂 But it definitely sounds like something I would try!
    Roshan Radhakrishnan recently posted…Recipe – Tender Coconut UnniappamMy Profile

  12. It is a favorite of mine. Not only in Eastern UP but elsewhere too. In fact, it is the most popular recipe on my food blog. ☺️ It will always do.

  13. Obsessivemom says:

    Oh yes I know Tehri. It’s a favourite with us. And we fight over that last bit that sticks to the pot. It becomes crisp and crunchy and even more delicious.

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